Are Succulents Bad Luck?

Do you own a succulent? If you do, then you might have got it to improve your luck. But does it really help?

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Succulents are said to bring ill luck. Not all succulents are regarded to bring good fortune; in fact, some are thought to be a symbol of bad luck. 

Succulents with thorns, for example, should not be planted indoors since they can bring ill luck, according to Feng Shui. Intimacy problems arise when you have a prickly succulent in your bedroom.

Many cultures think that having specific plants might bring good luck. Aside from their beauty, this notion of luck is a major reason for succulents’ popularity. But do succulents actually improve their owners’ fortunes?

This claim, however, lacks scientific support. It’s simply a cultural belief. While many people believe succulents are good for their future, in many cultures, these plants are considered bad luck. As a result, there is no conclusive way to determine whether succulents are good or bad luck.

Succulents are associated with either good or bad luck in various cultures. However, there is nothing inherently succulent-related to this aim. However, you may always associate your plant with happy memories to turn it into a lucky charm for you.

In this article, we will talk about how succulents affect your luck. Let’s go!

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Succulents as Good Luck

Individuals can achieve happiness and good vibes by harmonizing their energy with their environment, according to ancient Chinese folklore. This mythology also gave rise to the concept of employing plants for good luck. Feng shui is another name for the method of balancing energy.

Planting succulents for good luck is one of Feng Shui’s teachings. Planting succulents are generally associated with riches, success, and well-being in this culture. The fact that this concept originated in China is also the source of the Indo-China region’s extensive association of succulents with good fortune.

Succulents were especially widespread in the Indo-China region before they spread around the world. In many parts of China, these plants are still in high demand around the Chinese New Year. Succulents have become commonplace. However, not everyone considers them to be luck enhancers. In Western and North American cultures, the relationship of luck with succulents is not widely held. However, this concept is still strong in China and the Subcontinent.

While there is little scientific evidence to support this claim, one thing is certain: succulents give you positive vibes, and planting them might make you happy.

What is certain is that succulents are stunning. You can plant one on your happy day to associate the plant with the memory of that event. In this manner, your plant will make you happy every time you look at it!

Succulents as Bad Luck

Some succulents, according to the same Feng Shui belief, can bring ill luck. Planting thorny succulents in your home can bring bad luck, according to this centuries-old Chinese tradition.

Thorny succulents can bring you misfortune in a variety of ways. According to Chinese folklore, planting your succulent at the door to your home can reduce the amount of visitors.

Similarly, Feng Shui believes that growing spiky succulents in your kitchen would make your food taste terrible. This will eventually cause you to lose your appetite and become unwell.

Furthermore, growing a succulent on the side of your bed may cause intimacy issues with your lover. This can lead to trust concerns between spouses and even ruin beautiful relationships.

According to Indo-Chinese cultural tradition, thorny succulents and bad luck are still inextricably intertwined. This concept, however, has limited traction in the Western world and the Americas.

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How do you Give Succulents as Gifts?

Some succulents might bring bad or good luck according to Feng Shui, but it doesn’t changed the fact that succulents are one of the best gifts you can ever give to someone. Because of that, let’s talk about the best types of succulents you can give to your special ones.

What are the Best Plants to Gift?

  • Orchids. Can you think of anyone who does not enjoy the exquisite flowers of orchids?
  • The bamboo is lucky. The bamboo plant represents good health, riches, and happiness.
  • Plantain of mint
  • Aloe Vera.
  • Lavender.
  • Jade Plants.
  • Plant of Peace.
  • Plant for money.

What do Succulents Symbolize That Makes it Really Great as a Gift?

Succulent is widely recognized as a sign of perseverance, strength, and unselfish love. Gifting succulents is a terrific way to express your unconditional love to the person you care about the most.

What Succulents Bring Good Luck?

The Jade plant is the luckiest and most popular succulent to bring home. It is considered that the Jade plant draws the most luck and fortune, and many people contemplate having them around at work or at home. The Jade plant, like any other succulent, gives off a cheerful and uplifting vibe just by gazing at it.


The concept of connecting good fortune with succulents is a cultural construct. It has little to do with scientific understanding based on evidence. Planting succulents can bring good or bad luck in various cultures, depending on the type of plant. Many societies continue to reject this concept entirely.

What they all have in common is that they are stunning. And that they can brighten your day with their vibrant hues and beautiful presence. A clever workaround is to create your own associations, such as planting them on good days to make you feel happy and lucky every time you look at them!

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