Best Apps to Help With Plant Care

Looking for the best phone apps to assist you in your plant caring journey? We have the best list of applications you can use on your phone.

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You’re not alone if you’ve started collecting houseplants this year. And, while it’s simple to buy plants (and admire them from your couch), it can be difficult to properly care for them if you don’t have a green thumb. If you’re not sure how to keep your plants alive, these helpful apps can help.

The majority of these applications provide general plant care recommendations, while a handful are more specific. Some are better at identifying plant types than others at determining why your plant is dying and how to cure the situation. The best plant care applications for most people are those that take a broad approach, whilst those with a more narrow focus are likely to be more suited for finding answers to specific problems.

Every plant has different needs in terms of water, sunshine, and fertilizer. Each will be vulnerable to different forms of problems. And if you don’t live near a plant nursery, these applications will help you maintain your plants alive and well.

Best Houseplant Care Apps Available on Android and iOS

Having plant care software that is available on both Android and iOS is a smart decision since, even if you are presently using only one of these systems, you may change your device in the future, and you probably want your plants to live longer than your iPhone.

So, when the changeover occurs, you’ll want your plant data to accompany you, correct?

Another advantage is that if you have an Android phone and an iPad, your plant app will be accessible to any device you are now using.

And now, without further ado, here are the finest plant care apps for both iOS and Android!

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Picture This software is well-known for its innovative usage of artificial intelligence.

The premise behind this software is that it can detect plants from a large plant collection of 27 million plant species, so if you find any plants that you like the look of but don’t know what the name is, PictureThis is sure to have an answer for you.

This app offers additional features that will help you maintain your house plants alive in addition to plant identification.

If you observe some brown tips on your plant, simply bring out your phone camera and you’ll know exactly what your plant need.

Aside from taking care of your ill plants, PictureThis may also give you general guidance about what your unique plant need.

Simply take a photograph of your plant.

This will inform you whether it needs more direct sunshine, what type of soil is ideal for it, and when it should be fertilized.

All of these features are free, but if you’re a plant parent willing to pay $30 for the premium edition of the app, PictureThis has even more cool stuff for you.

You will have access to a gardening consultant, with whom you can consult whenever you have questions or require more precise plant recommendations.

Keeping a plant journal in this app allows you to set customized watering reminders, ensuring that you don’t over or underwater your plants. And we all know how susceptible some plants are to this.

This is an excellent app to have on hand, whether you’re a newbie looking for plant care advice or a seasoned plant enthusiast!


If you dislike excessively comprehensive instructions and want to keep things clear and uncomplicated, Gardenia is the place to go.

This software will provide you with straightforward care instructions and dependable care reminders for your plants, without distracting you with comprehensive plant descriptions.

To begin, you first know the name of the plants for which you require this, and then locate the precise plants in Gardenia’s database.

Gardenia has one distinguishing feature: it does not simply provide push notifications for watering and fertilizing.

Gardenia allows you to personalize things even more by scheduling dates for repotting, harvesting, pruning, and pesticide delivery.

This plant notebook software is fantastic in general, but perhaps the best feature is that it is absolutely free!

There are no in-app purchases or anything of the sort; only simple, uncomplicated, and intelligent care reminders.

Gardenia is undoubtedly the most user-friendly app for short but effective plant care recommendations, so if that’s all you need from an app, this is the one to have.

Apps available on Android

While the majority of apps are now available on both Android and iOS, there are a few exceptions.

Plant apps are no exception, and you can use your Android to get plant recommendations and care information.

Waterbot is the greatest Android-only plant app.


This software is ideal for you if you know most of the plant facts but have a habit of forgetting to water your plants.

As you’re surely aware, different green friends require varied watering schedules and levels of moisture, and remembering everything by heart is an exhausting process.

Even if the majority of the plants in your collection have comparable water requirements, having a virtual helper will almost certainly come in handy.

It likewise operates in the same manner.

You must first add your plants and then create unique watering regimens for each.

Even though it may appear to be a big undertaking, creating the watering schedule takes no more than a few of minutes to complete.

When it’s time to water the plants, the app will notify you, and once you’ve done so, you may mark the task as completed. You have almost no risk of forgetting to water your plants.

The good thing is that there are no limits to how many plants you may add to this app, so don’t worry about missing out on your new plants.

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Apps available on iOS

If you are a fan of Apple products and constantly choose them, there are a few plant care apps for you as well.


Planta is undoubtedly one of the most well-known iOS apps providing useful information and care instructions for both garden and indoor plants. It can also assist you to find plant names if you don’t know what they are.

Planta will meet almost any need you may have.

Planta has a lot of useful resources for learning more about plants, which may also be a lot of fun if you like plants in general.

To get the most out of it, set up smart care alerts that will notify you when your plants require steaming, cleaning, or fertilization.

The app will even generate your schedules! All you have to do is enter information such as the kind of plant, your location, and the average weather for your region.

You can also specify your gardening ability level, and Planta will make recommendations based on that.

Planta also includes a built-in light meter to assist you to decide what light conditions to keep your plants in. Consider the light intensity, if they prefer half sun, full sun, or full shade, and so on.

The majority of these capabilities are included in the free version of the app, but there are certain premium features available if you subscribe to Planta Premium.

Dr. Planta is one of these premium features, and he can assist you by using Planta’s plant scanner.

This app is an excellent option, especially if you’re ready to pay for premium material.

Sun Seeker

As the name suggests, this program is designed to assist you in following the Sun’s progress.

If you’re new to plants, you might be wondering why you need a whole up for this, but other plant enthusiasts who are experts will surely be overjoyed to learn about such an app.

Sometimes getting all of your plants the right amount of sunlight is more crucial than any other care suggestion.

Sun Seeker isn’t designed primarily for plant parents, but it’s an excellent light meter.

Another feature that several gardeners found useful in this program is that it provides specific sunset and dawn times, so if you have plants that need to be moved from one location to another based on that, it has you covered.

The Sun’s movements are recorded and depicted in 3D, allowing you to observe even the smallest changes throughout the day.

If you’re at work or aren’t too concerned about the Sun while you’re at home, you can set notifications to tell you anytime there’s a change so you can act accordingly.

The only requirement for the app to function is a stable internet connection, as Sun Seeker relies on GPS.

With this app, your Sun lovers will always have access to adequate lighting!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Free Plant Maintenance App?

Planta is the greatest overall plant care app. Even if certain paid features are available, you can obtain everything you need from this program even if you only use the free ones. This program is frequently sold with the promise that you will never kill another plant again, and this is not far from reality. It contains everything you require and is really simple to use.

Is There a House Plant Identifying App?

Most plant care apps have a tool for identifying plants, but PictureThis is the best overall. PictureThis offers a library of 27 million plants and, in addition to identifying plants, can determine the state of your plant and give you suggestions on what to do with it. Simply upload images of the plant you wish to inspect, and the software will handle the rest.

Can Google recognize my plant?

There is always the possibility to google the specifics of a plant you liked in order to locate its name; but, Google alone will not be very helpful in this case, since many plants seem very similar. It’s preferable to use an app designed exclusively for plant identification. You may use Google’s Lens app for this, but if you also require plant care software, consider downloading PictureThis or Planta.

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