Basic Supplies for Planting Succulents

Basic Supplies for Planting Succulents
Ready to create your own succulent collection? If you are, here are the basic supplies you need to know and prepare.

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Are you prepared to begin your own succulent collection? Find out what more materials you’ll need to start making your own lovely succulent container garden!

I adore putting succulents in fresh containers! I’ve been assisting others in planting their own because I’m out of the room. A little bit of vicariously living through others

But I’ve come to discover that once you have your succulents and perhaps the pot or planter chosen, folks are at a loss as to what else they require. So, the foundation for what things you need will be laid forth in this piece.

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It really doesn’t take much to get started with planting succulents!

Here are my must-haves:

  • Succulents 
  • A drainage-holed container (see how to choose a container).
  • Mesh tape or drainage screen
  • Succulent Soil (or make your own)
  • Shovel
  • Top Dressing
It really doesn't take much to get started with planting succulents!

The majority of things were probably very obvious, but you might be unfamiliar with the mesh tape and top dressing. I constantly emphasize the requirement for a container with drainage when starting out with succulents. However, if your pot has a huge or even a not-so-large hole in the bottom, soil will probably fall through when you pot and water your plants. Although I’ve tried a few different methods to hide the drainage hole, mesh tape is now my favorite.

Mesh Tape

Although mesh tape is actually intended for drywall repair, it performs admirably at the bottom of a container arrangement. To somewhat reduce the size of the holes, I advise cutting two squares that are a little larger than one another. Simply adhere it to the bottom of your container once you have it perfectly positioned. You won’t have to worry about soil heaps on your countertop or work area because it stays in place even after the soil is added.

Mesh Tape

Top Dressing

Typically, people place succulents in their pots to the brim, top up the soil, and leave it at that. However, they are skipping a quick and easy opportunity to fully complete their arrangement: the top dressing. Simply covering the soil with a beautiful rock or material is a top dressing. One of my favorite aspects of making arrangements is adding top dressings. They can significantly improve your setup and are also useful in other ways. When you irrigate the soil, a top dressing will aid in preventing soil movement. It keeps everything tidy and presentable.

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Top dressings offer a lot of entertainment. Use plain pea gravel for a straightforward appearance, or add some color to the scene with some rock or sand. Sphagnum moss, glass gems, or even pearls are options. Make sure it matches your succulents and container; that’s what’s crucial. A top dressing should enhance rather than distract from the arrangement.

Top Dressing

I hope that this will enable you to begin making a succulent arrangement! Now that you are aware of all the materials required, you can concentrate on choosing succulents and top dressings and putting them all together while having fun. If you have any questions regarding any of the items I’ve listed or if you think I’ve forgotten something, please let me know!

Get fun new pots for your succulents!

For your succulents, get some cool new pots!

These lovely pots were created with succulents specifically in mind.

  • a hole for drainage that makes it simple for water to exit.
  • shallow depth to enable quicker drying.
  • a tray to prevent water damage to your shelf or counter.
  • Additionally, you can use replaceable ornaments to keep yourself occupied when you can’t water your succulents.
Top Dressing

With decorations that can be quickly rearranged and changed out whenever you’d like, you can easily display your love of succulents and other interests, as well as your mood for the day.

There are countless permutations and options, in addition to holiday-specific designs.

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